BIOZYME Formula 50 (1000ml) reviews, ratings and best price in KL, Selangor and Malaysia

BIOZYME FORMULA 50Ecological Beneficial Living OrganismsFor Fresh & Saltwater Ponds & AquariumsProven Effective Since 1986(1000ml treats 22,500 Liters)Benefits:-No water change needed.Removes Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrates, Phosphates, Sludge, Oil, Fats (lipids) and other Biodegradable water products.Helps stabilize pH and Oxygen levels.Non toxic and harmless to humans and other live forms.Contains 9 types of micro-organisms and 5 types of enzymes.Clear water does not indicate clean water and dissolved toxins in the water are usually colorless. Testing the water by qualified aquarium dealers will reveal the water quality.Applications:-For new aquarium setup, apply 1ml to 5 gallons (22.5 liters) daily for seven days.For maintenance, apply 1ml to 5 gallons (22.5 liters) once a week.Double or triple the dosage if the water conditions are bad.For fast removal of Ammonia and Nitrites, use with BIOZYME Enhancer.For fast removal of Algae and green water, use with BIOZYME F100 and PAT-POND REDOX.Note:-Keep oxygen levels above 6ppm.Maintain pH between 6.5 - 8.5.Change 50% water if other medications are added and add PAT-PROTECT.Turn-off ozone and UV Sterilizers during treatment.Keep away from children, open sores and cuts.Wash hands after use.Store between 10 - 30 degree celcius.Use PAT-PROTECT to remove Chlorine and Chloramine before applying Biozyme F50.Shake well before use.

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