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Desktop PC Memory RAM DDR3 1600 PC3 12800 2GB 4GB 8GB 16GB Compatible DDR 3 133Hz / 1066MHz PC3-12800 Memoria Module XT Store

QNIGLO ITX/M-ATX/M-ITX Gaming Computer Case

Dell D ell achievement V5460 C shell V5470 D shell V5480 D shell back cover 5439 D Shell Bottom Shell

Crown ze D ell Dell 15R N5110 M5110 M511R D Shell Bottom Shell base shell after shell

Dell N5110 M501Z M511R M5110 15R(Ins15RD-2728) 2528 keyboard

Samsung N128 N148 N143 N145 LCD screen display is HSD101PFW2 B101AW03V0

Lenovo B480 N480 M495 SL410K Z465 E47A E49L G405 B4400 LCD screen

MTX ITX Desktop computer case DIY open all-aluminum computer case vertical chassis transparent chassis creative water-cooled chassis DIY chassis