Golden Eagle Holistic Health Puppy Dog Food 2kg reviews, ratings and best price in KL, Selangor and Malaysia


High Levels of Protein
High-quality fresh meats are the main ingredients in Golden Eagle Fresh Meat range, to help maintain lean muscle mass and provide vital nutrients like amino acids and essential minerals.
No Grains
Golden Eagle fresh meat formula’s do not contain grains. This strategy helps to maximize protein concentration while limiting carbohydrates making the foods also hypoallergenic.
Special Attention For The Nutritional Profile for Skin and Coat.
Getting a good skin and coat is no big secret. It's just very expensive to do. You have to use more meat, higher quality sources of fats and oils, and high levels of vitamins and other nutrients. Golden Eagle Holistic Health® has a large investment in quality - we've made the commitment. Many pet food companies try to take shortcuts by using vegetable protein fillers and cheaper sources of fats and not adding nutraceuticals and supplements like pre- and probiotics, which are expensive.
Easy-to-feed Alternative to Raw Feeding
High meat contents and no grains makes these diets an ideal alternative also for raw feeding. Our careful cooking process is designed to help preserve vitamins, minerals and other trace nutrients, often lost in industrial feeds.

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