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Natural wood Scorpio is a favorite animal of cats and is called "cat medicine." Most of the cats will immediately feel very excited whether they smell, smell or taste the wood scorpion. At the same time, drooling and rolling on the ground are somewhat similar to estrus or arrogance; It is proved that cats who like to eat wood pheasants do not have diabetes, and Mutianyu can prevent diabetes and stabilize blood pressure. Wood pipa is a natural stimulant for cats. Only when cats smell the unique scent, they begin to relax. Relieve stress; when the cat has no appetite, add a little wood scorpion powder to make the cat's appetite open; Specifications: [Product Specifications]: Roughly 0.5-0.7CM long 12-13CM Each bag about 14-18 grams [Target]: Cat [product material]: pure natural wood sky When the cat is lazy, you can put a few tablets in front of the cat, then your baby must be immediately refreshed and close to you.


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